Anil Butan(President / CEO)

He has spent almost 40 years making rigorously simple architecture with exquisite planning. His body of work spans a broad range of scale from Private Houses, Sacred Commissions, Hotels, Housing Societies & Malls. He has eminent sense of design & is a luminary in his own right. His style is an ornate mix of Baroque and Victorian elements. He has always believed in developing harmonious relations with his clients & his extensive client list is a testimony in itself.

Vansh Butan(Head of Design)

Vansh developed an affinity for design very early on in his career. He could skilfully design spaces with extraordinary details. He travels extensively in search of new ideas & inspirations so as to provide his clients with ecstatic interiors. He is very accommodating of the client’s needs & can comprehend their requirements within a brief timespan. He settles for nothing less than exceptional, be it the design or the product. His design language is Modern Contemporary but he enjoys dipping his toes in all other forms.

Vikas Mehta(Head of Execution / Head of Staff)

He is the core of the company as he manages everything, from the business end to the execution. He has an exceptional eye for detail. He has distinctive know how of all the technical aspects of construction. He can independently manage the entire execution crew & can deliver wondrous results in the given time frame. He derives a sense of accomplishment when he brings joy to the families who associate with us.

Sachin Vaid(Business Partner / Sales Head, UK)

Sachin is a business partner in the firm’s furniture & design sales in UK. He handles all aspects of the project, including the sales of furniture, tracking, scheduling, logistics & coordinating installation. He is an ardent believer of building strong relations with his clients & follows up on the after sale services. His ingenious methods allows him to strike a splendid balance in both the places.

Sulekha Chaudhary(Designer / Creative Head)

She is associated with the firm for last 17yrs & has developed a rapport with all our clients. After patiently understanding the specifications of the clients, she puts her heart & Soul into translating those requisites, limitations & dreams into fully functional space. She helps develop the technical details & drawings & is aware of the process every step of the way.

Deepak Kumar(Designer/ 3D Creator)

Deepak help our clients experience the 3D views of their built spaces before the actual hammer hits the floor. He can give you a glance into the future & help you realise the final outcome of the designed space. He has remarkable vision and can create near realistic views of each and every space within the project.

Abhishek Bhatnagar(Designer / Client Relation)

He has an extraordinary sense when it comes to design. He truly follows the Mantra “God is in details”. Be it colours, lights, fabrics or Artwork, he takes it upon himself to make sure that every piece is in perfect harmony. He has great work ethic & he puts extensive effort to maintain the client-designer dynamic. He has phenomenal understanding of what the client needs from the built space.

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