Design Cell ( Founded in 1980 )

Design Cell has worked for more than 3 decades in building residential and commercial spaces. We take on responsibility for all aspects of a projects from concept design, space planning, sourcing of materials to specialised work, right to completion.

Since its inception, we have been committed to deliver exceptional service that gives our clients the confidence to expect great results.


SYNERGETICWe strongly believe that the space belongs to the inhabitant & we always prefer to work in collaboration with the client. We would lay down the distinctive parameters in coherence with the client & design around those guidelines.


EFFORTLESSBuilding a house can be a daunting task & we try to make it as easy as possible for the client.


PUNCTUALHere at DC we have mastered the art of delivering within a specific timeframe.


COMPETITIVEBuilding a house be a blow to your pocket. Rest assured, with our direct & congenial relations with the vendors for material & finishes, the client is at an advantage of paying the best price possible.


COMPREHENSIVEWe take care of each & every aspect of the building. Not just the design, but the construction, furniture right down to the Finishing Accents & Furnishings.


DEDICATEDWe are a limited staff of talented individuals who are extremely dedicated to every individual project we undertake.


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    Every project is different and brings new challenges. First thing we’ll want you to do is come over for a totally free and zero obligation consultation. The Idea behind this, is that we can understand more about you, the project and your taste. This will help us formulate ideas about what you’re after and what the budget we’ll be working with is. We would be able to show you more of our work and plan site visits at some of our existing projects for you to have a look at.

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    Concept Presentation

    After understanding your taste and budget, we will call you in to have a look at the 3D views, sketches and design concept. We design each and every element of your project and show you near realistic renders of your spaces with realistic lighting and textures so you get an idea of what the final result will be.

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    Our team’s passion for architectural detail means that we always proceed from a point of analysis; we believe in thinking creatively to create the best layouts for a property, making sure that form and function work hand in hand to meet the client’s expectations. We look after the technical aspects of the building too, so whilst the design is evolving for the client, contractors, surveyors and consultants can rest assured that we are providing all the information for them to progress with the project.

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    Handover will see our team on site to complete each project, organizing and managing furniture deliveries, with our site supervisors personally seeing that each piece works precisely within the context of the finished space. Working alongside our specialist teams, we ensure that the process runs smoothly from fitting curtains, installing art works and commissioning audio visual systems; our process is designed to create a seamless transition that our clients can step into their homes and enjoy.

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